Commercial Pest Control Services in Singapore

Pests pose a significant threat to your business, which is why it is vital to exterminate these creepy crawly insects early enough so as to prevent massive destruction of your business premises. At Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning Pte Ltd., we have commercial pest control experts who are well trained and with several years of experience in pest management throughout Singapore.

We render commercial pest control services to various forms of businesses which include hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, churches, motels, pub and bars, etc. We understand the uniqueness of every business and the different pest control method ideal for each business. We offer eco-friendly services to guarantee the safety of workers and customers during and after treatment.

Food inspectors pay particular attention to food-related businesses like hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. and usually places huge fines or withdraw licenses of such businesses if pests are found on their premises. Our professional services help to keep your business safe from pests, averting any legal actions.


At Greencare, we utilise pest control techniques that use odourless treatments, placed unobtrusively, to prevent disruption your operations.


Greencare Integrated Pest Management system employs treatments that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.


Our treatments are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, and ensure the utmost safety.


At Greencare, nothing is more important to us than children’s safety — which is why we are dedicated to only using kid friendly pest control in schools.


Using chemicals that are colourless, odourless and harmless to furnishings, our treatments are perfect for hotels and the hospitality sector.


Dining establishments can rest assured that our treatments are appropriate for the premises.


Over many years of experience servicing both small boutiques and large shopping centres, Greencare provides the best commercial pest control for the retail sector in Singapore.

Condominium & Estates

With solutions are unobtrusive, suitable indoors and outdoors and that produce rapid results, Greencare are the right choice when it comes to residential areas.

We Use Eco-friendly Techniques for Commercial Premises

Unlike pesticides and other chemical sprays, our eco-friendly techniques are non-harmful to your work environment and safe for humans. Pesticides and chemical sprays can contaminate your food quality, and this could pose a great health risk to your customers and a big threat to the continued existence of your business.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services Entails

  • Free Inspection and identification of sources and causes of pest infestation
  • Offering affordable treatment options
  • Implementation of extermination plan
  • Offer you a pest management plan
  • Offers fast and efficient pest control service

How Our Commercial Pest Control Services Can Help Your Business in Singapore

  • We help you maintain the integrity of your business name
  • We help preserve your food quality(for food-related businesses)
  • We help you meet up with the necessary health regulation standards
  • We help you keep your reputation intact

Our highly trained and experienced professionals can help you build customer’s trust in your business and to maintain a top class quality of your business.