Pest contamination is one of the biggest threats to your restaurant’s reputation. Greencare has extensive experience with pest control for your dining establishment in Singapore – from license applications to standards compliance – handled with discretion and privacy.


Pests can enter your restaurant through various means including packaging. Repack your goods from supplier issued cartons or palettes once you receive them.


Our treatment methods are highly customised and flexible – we handle pest management for a wide range of food and beverage outlets – cafés, fine dining restaurants, kiosks and even fast food chains.

We also provide industry compliance with NEA’s regulations:

NEA requires all food retail establishments to engage a year-long contract with a pest control operator and we will provide advice on the application requirements.
We will handle vector control for pests such as cockroaches, rats and flies, which can potentially spread serious food borne illnesses such as salmonella and dysentery. We also factor in mosquito control for standalone locations.
If your restaurant is located within a mall, it’s highly like to have a large false ceiling – which rats and cockroaches favour for travelling. We can include this area during our scheduled inspections.
Greencare’s expert JEDI troubleshoots and evaluates your pest control programme to ensure compliance with NEA standards through onsite inspections, followed up with an investigative report.