Pest Control for Factories, Manufacturing and the Industrial Sector

Construction sites are, by nature, extremely susceptible to pest infestations. The same goes for the industrial sector, whether it be in factories, manufacturing or shipping facilities. And without pest control, pest infestations can develop into potentially serious problems that end up jeopardising the operations of your business. So don’t take any chances with your operations — if you have a pest problem, get in touch with Greencare to have your needs sorted today!

Greencare Pest Control has considerable knowledge of, and experience in, pest control for the construction industry working with large and small construction companies in Singapore.

Some of the Clients We’ve Worked with in the Construction Sector


Weekly Inspection

Check for mosquito breeding in the following places:

  • Discarded receptacles and building wastes in the worksite, bangsal area and site offices.
  • Building materials, canvas sheets, equipment and machinery.
  • Puddles on the ground.
  • Puddles on the concrete floors of all upper levels.
  • Water storage drums, tanks and containers.
  • Bulk waste containers.
  • Trenches.
  • Lift wells.
  • Drains or channels temporarily constructed to drain off water.
  • Any other water-bearing receptacles.

Application of insecticide/anti-mosquito oil

  • On a weekly basis, insecticides and anti-mosquito oils should be applied to all stagnant water and water-bearing receptacles, on both upper floors and the ground level.
  • Repeat application after a rain as the insecticide or oil will be washed off by the rain.

Termite Control

  • Pre-Construction Soil Treatment
  • Post-Construction Soil Treatment
  • Termite Baiting System

Soil Treatment for the Pre-Construction Stage

Greencare can come and get rid of pesky pests for you, but why not save yourself the stress of having to deal with infestations and stamp it out before you even start building? We offer soil treatments during the pre-construction stage, so that you won’t have to worry about pests over the rest of the project.