Residential Pest Control in Singapore — Condominiums and More

Are you noticing early signs of pests in your home? Or do you want to take precaution against these unwanted guests? Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning Pte Ltd. are the top choice in Singapore when it comes to residential pest control.

We will undertake a free inspection of your residence

On our visit to your home or condominium in Singapore, our experts will thoroughly inspect your property with our hi-tech equipment like UV lights, moisture meters, and telescoping cameras. This inspection is necessary to help us detect possible points of pest infestation like cracks and leaks around your residence. ON our first visit, our experts may spend between 30 minutes to one hour, and 15 to 30 minutes on other routine visits. After due inspections, we will give you a report on our findings on your home’s pest control needs and a personalized and professional recommendations on how to address the problems.

Getting the Job Done

Our experts will begin to address the issues and place pest-monitoring devices in areas with high risk of pest infestation to help detect the presence of pests.  Besides the experience of our experts, they also have state of the art tool that can take care of any dimension of pest infestation. We ensure we get to the primary cause of the problem to enable us to proffer the most effective technique that will produce a long-lasting effect. After the first treatment, our team will give you an outline of the treatment procedure carried out as well as when your home is due for the next treatment.

We Offer a Year-Round Solution

Pests may come visiting your home again and again, and we do just same. We will give you a schedule on how we will come visiting all year round. This will help to monitor and control pest activities in your home effectively. As we visit your home to monitor the effect of the old treatment, we, at the same time, check out for new or suspicious infestation. We will continually document the status of the treatment, progresses made, as well as lingering problems, if any. This will help us to offer you the best and most efficient approach for your home. We will not relent; we will check out for and eliminate all seasonal pests and guarantee you and your family a long lasting effect of the treatment. Our pride is customer satisfaction.