Carpenter Ant Treatment

How We Eliminate Carpenter Ant Infestations

There are more than 12,000 ant species in the world, 130 of them found in Singapore. Of these, the carpenter ant is one of the most difficult to control. Any home, especially one on the ground or low floor, is vulnerable because these ants sneak in through tiny cracks and may be followed by the entire colony.

Carpenter ants can nest anywhere around your house. They can hollow out wood and can cause irreparable damage if they go undetected or untreated for a long period of time. We offer advanced protection with a three-step process that helps address carpenter ant issues in your home:


Step One: Inspect

Home remedies hardly eliminate ant problems. If you spot an infestation or want to be protected from future infestations, The Greencare Man will first inspect your home. He will check for moisture and softwood in areas like windows, sinks, and doorframes, where ants like to nest. Then, he will help identify entry points that allow ants to sneak inside. If he finds any carpenter ants, he can also look for the colony’s nest.


Step Two: Implement

Once the Greencare Man finishes his assessment, he will document his findings and work with you to craft a plan to address the issues related to your infestation. He will treat any infestation areas and provide recommendations to help reduce moisture or other conditions that may attract ants to your home.


Step Three: Monitor

The Greencare Man will continue to monitor your house year-round to help prevent these carpenter ants from returning.


A Scientific Approach to Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants are a big risk to your property. For a treatment to be truly effective, it must penetrate and destroy the unseen nest as well as the infestation. Keeping carpenter ants away is not a one-time event — it’s an ongoing process. Our technicians deliver the most effective solutions — deeply rooted in the latest scientific research — to help protect your home.

Carpenter ants don’t stand a chance against the Greencare Man.


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