How To Make Your DIY Disinfectant Spray

Need to disinfect your home but ran out of disinfection cleaner? Don’t put off disinfection and make your DIY disinfectant spray instead. A natural cleaner is not hard to make. You might already have most, if not all, ingredients available around your house.

Here’s one homemade antibacterial spray recipe that you can concoct on your own.

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DIY disinfectant spray with essential oils


1/4 cup white vinegar

3/4 cup water, distilled

8 oz spray bottle

7 drops tea tree essential oil

7 drops lavender essential oil

funnel (optional)


Why these specific ingredients?

The ingredients of this DIY disinfectant spray with essential oils are carefully chosen due to their properties that can help with disinfection.

Distilled water is recommended than ordinary tap water because it is devoid of natural minerals and contaminants. If you use this kind of water in making a natural disinfectant spray, there will be no mineral residue left on your surfaces.

Vinegar is needed for this DIY disinfectant spray because of its germ-killing action.  But if you want to swap out it with vodka or rubbing alcohol, you may do so.  Yet, these alternatives may not be apt for some surfaces. Thus, you need to test a small area first to see if will not cause damage when applied.

Essential oils help mask the scent of vinegar. But they’re not used to create a fragrant disinfectant cleaner- they have disinfecting abilities too. The tea tree and lavender essential oils can disinfect surfaces naturally.

Tea tree is commonly used for treating minor skin injuries and fungal infections. But it has a pungent smell when using on its own for the DIY cleaning solution. By combining it with lavender, you don’t just disinfect your home, you’ll leave it fragrant as well.


How to make the DIY disinfectant spray?

Place the funnel in the mouth of the plastic bottle. Pour the white vinegar into the funnel. Then add drops of essential oils. Lastly, add the distilled water. Close the top of the bottle and shake to mix the ingredients thoroughly.


How to use the tea tree oil disinfectant spray?

Shake the bottle and spray on the area or cloth. Wipe countertops, tables, and other surfaces. Use the cloth sprayed with the homemade disinfectant solution to disinfect door handles, cell phones, and more.


Is it safe for people and pets?

The DIY disinfectant spray is people and pet-friendly. It doesn’t have chemicals that can make anyone that can smell or touch it, feel sick.


Is it effective against the COVID-19?

This all-natural disinfectant recipe has not been tested for disinfecting from coronavirus or COVID-19. Please visit the CDC website for disinfecting recommendations. It is also best to let an expert in disinfection service in Singapore perform COVID-19 disinfection in your home or business.



A DIY disinfectant spray is handy if you want to disinfect your home from disease-causing germs. But when it comes to the fight against COVID-19, an expert solution is what you need. You need to pump up protection of everyone in your household, to keep everyone safe and healthy at all times. Give Greencare a call at +65 6920 8656 for disinfection and pest control services in Singapore!


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