Accreditated Pest Control Company in Singapore

Greencare is Singapore’s leading pest control and cleaning specialists with more than 30 years of collective experience in the field.

We count some of the top companies in Singapore among our clients, delighting them with our focus on top-of-the-class quality service, thorough documentation and immense value for money.

Our Greencare technicians are equipped with the latest know-how regarding pests and pest control technologies. We use advanced, top-of-the-range pest control tools and techniques to eradicate pests – not just as a current problem, but as an ongoing effort as well.

Through top-notch training and innovation, we devise the safest, most efficient methodologies available in the market today.

Our guiding philosophies have made us a proud recipient of ISO 14001:2004, ISO 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008. In addition, Greencare has top industry accreditations from BizSafe Star, BCA and NEA.

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Why Greencare?

Greencare Is Singapore's Top Homegrown NEA Pest Control Company That Provides First-In-Class Pest Management Services At Competitive Prices To Help Fix Any Pest Problem.

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    Personalised Solutions

    Every pest situation is different. That's why Greencare seeks to first understand your specific needs and situation (e.g. pest control for F&B), before crafting a customised solution.

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    Advanced Tools & Equipment

    At Greencare, we invest in the most advanced tools and pest treatment methods, with a focus on your health and safety. We bring the latest tools in our toolbox to help you get rid of your pesky problems.

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    Cheapest Prices & Best Value

    At Greencare, we provide the most effective treatment plan to suit every budget and offer you the cheapest pest control prices at the best value you can find in Singapore.

Greencare’s Points of Service
Our technicians are highly trained and guided by our 6 points of service. So that we deliver the same exceptional service every time.
We inspect your premises from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.
Follow Up
We stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs.
We do everything we can to keep insects and pests out – seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks.
We treat the perimeter of your premises with appropriate protective materials, remove all accessible insect nests, and use the safest methods available.
We provide a detailed report of services rendered and recommendations to help keep your home free of pests. Samples: Dragages Singapore | ED Zublin
We treat the interior of your premises and install pest monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms, gardens and garages.