Greencare’s Pest Control Program for the Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, pests can be a major threat to product safety and regulatory compliance. An audit by the authorities has a very broad, but clear requirement: NO PESTS.

Greencare’s pest control program for the pharmaceutical industry was specifically designed for facilities like yours and meets or exceeds the requirements of every major auditor.

Possible Pest Attractors in Your Facility

Because pests seek food, water, and optimal temperatures, the large quantities of stored products used for drug manufacturing and storage make pharmaceutical facilities an ideal pest habitat.

  • Perishable, stored products can attract pests like the beetle, weevil, and mealworm species.
  • Pests also can find plentiful sources of water used in laboratories and restrooms throughout the facility, or even from a leaky faucet or water fountain.

Pest control can be a challenge in pharmaceutical facilities due to the strict treatment protocols required.

A Comprehensive Protection Plan

Your Greencare technician will start with a comprehensive inspection of your facility to understand the unique pest pressures your property faces. Then, based on his findings, he’ll work with you to build a comprehensive protection plan, just for your facility. Our standard pest control package includes crawling insect and rodent control.

In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as:

Exclusion – Pests can enter your facility in a multitude of ways. To help prevent pests from finding their way inside, Greencare can identify and seal numerous potential pest entry points such as cracks and crevices, creating a barrier against pesky invaders.

Fly Control– Flies are a nuisance and a health risk to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. We can work with you to develop a Fly Control plan to fit your needs, using a combination of light traps, baiting, chemical controls, and exclusion to help prevent infestations.

Floor and Drain Cleaning – A low-impact answer to grease and grime, Greencare uses a professional cleaning solution that uses a unique blend of naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help you maintain a pristine production environment.

Greencare's Points of Service
Our technicians are highly trained and guided by our 6 points of service. So that we deliver the same exceptional service every time.
We inspect your premises from top to bottom, inside and out, for current or potential pest problems.
We treat the perimeter of your premises with appropriate protective materials, remove all accessible insect nests, and use the safest methods available.
We do everything we can to keep insects and pests out – seal, caulk, plug, and secure gaps and cracks.
We treat the interior of your premises and install pest monitors in critical areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, utility rooms, gardens and garages.
We provide a detailed report of services rendered and recommendations to help keep your home free of pests. Samples: Dragages Singapore | ED Zublin
Follow Up
We stay in touch between our regularly scheduled visits and respond to any immediate needs.