Why Flies Are Dangerous

Flies are one of the dirtiest pests in the world. They can potentially spread bacteria, fungi, and viruses wherever they land. They multiply rapidly, defile food, and transmit diseases. Fly infestations can cause several health issues. These include dysentery, food poisoning, and tuberculosis.

Flies in your Singapore business can put off customers as this gives the impression that your place is unhygienic.

Why Do You Get Flies

Flies are attracted to rotting food, dead animals, feces, and garbage. They feed and breed in filthy places. Poor sanitation can encourage fly infestations. These pests can enter your home or business space through unsealed cracks and open doors and windows.

Why Fly Control?

Fly control is essential for commercial pest services like pest control for F&B establishments,

where food safety is a concern. Every situation is unique, there is no

single flies control program that will work in all cases. That’s why you

need a flies pest control provider with the experience and the tools to

find the right one for you.

Fly Control Options

When you choose Greencare for flies control in Singapore, we start with an inspection of your entire property to determine the source of your fly problems. After a thorough assessment, we develop a plan tailored for your business based on our findings. Then we will create an appropriate fly control program for your needs and implement it.

Fly Control is an ongoing process, our Greencare technician will continue to monitor and adjust your treatment program to help make sure the flies stay away.

Greencare is the top-rated pest control company in Singapore.

Insect Light Traps

Insect Light Traps (ILTs) use ultraviolet light bulbs to draw flies to a non-toxic sticky board inside. These discreet traps can be used, not only to trap pests but also to monitor and identify the source of flying pest activity.


Greencare’s bioremediation treatment targets the elements these flies need to survive. We use beneficial biological organisms to remove debris and contaminants, which helps to minimize fly breeding sites and food sources.

FAQ on Fly Control
How much does fly control cost in Singapore?

Prices for fly control vary depending on the size and type of property, and the scope of the problem. Greencare has the most competitive, affordable rates in fly control in Singapore. Click Get Quote to obtain a fast, no-obligation quote.