Bed Bugs Control Services Giving You Peace of Mind

There’s nothing worse than having bed bugs, ruining your prospects of enjoying a good night’s sleep and also posing a health problem to you and your family. During the day, these tiny insects hide in furniture, mattresses, wallpaper and other cracks and crevices around your home. At night, these blood-suckers will come out of their hiding places and bite humans and pets around the house, the last thing you want while trying to rest!

If you’ve got an infestation at home, then you’re definitely in need of bed bug control services — and sooner rather than later. And at Greencare, we offer the most reliable services in Singapore, so if you’re in need of professional help call us today!

No more sleepless nights with Greencare

At Greencare, we offer residential bed bug control services that will ensure that you no longer have to worry about pesky pests causing problems at home. We will professionally treat your infested areas with residual insecticide, offering solutions that are human-friendly and will ensure that your life is not too disrupted too much by bed bugs.

Some of the steps you can take to prevent infestations of bed bugs include:

  1. Maintaining high standards of housekeeping and hygiene
  2. Sealing cracks and crevices so that bed bugs do not have a hiding place to breed
  3. In a tropical climate like Singapore, rooms must be treated early in the day so that they are dry enough for re-entry by evening time


Residential pest control services

Greencare has the expertise to offer pest control services on a range of different infestations, no matter what pests you may be facing. See our range of residential services to see what we can offer, and get in touch today to discuss your needs!