We value your guest experience – our chemicals and treatments are specially formulated to be non-staining, colourless and odourless – protecting your hotel fittings and furnishings.

Greencare understands that your property may have multiple stakeholders. We provide detailed monthly reports highlighting potential issues to facilitate inter-departmental communication and follow-up action.


Ensure hotel sheets are cleaned in hot water of at least 60 degrees Celsius to prevent the spread of bed bugs


Large hotel properties would typically face indoor pest infestations – and Greencare has vast experience in dealing with it, which can include specific species such as German cockroaches and psocids. All of our Greencare field staff are qualified and capable of identifying pest concerns and explaining any treatment protocols to guests.

Greencare services such properties either though stationing an orignator on-site 24/7 or by providing a detailed routine for hotels to follow. This comes in the form of a schedule that lists the coverage of common areas, back of house areas, guestrooms and even includes provisions for event halls.