Greencare shares the same values and scientific focus as pharmaceutical companies. Our methodology supports audits, and is designed specifically to keep such facilities pest-free.


Even pests need water to survive and can find lots of this in laboratories – keep an eye on open access to such watering holes.


We are mindful of keeping the interior of your premises chemical-free and will incorporate that into our pest-specific treatment methodologies.
We will install monitoring stations targeting flies, crawling insects, stored product pests and rats – all numbered and mapped out to allow efficient itemizing and updating.
We zone sites according to: critical, adjacent to critical, non-critical and external. Each zone has its according threshold level and corresponding corrective actions preset to prevent breaches.

For new sites, we can establish a baseline either by using historical data or collecting data for 6-12 months.

We compile all data collected from monitoring stations and zones for trend analysis and follow up with recommendations for improvements and rectifications to achieve pest level well within threshold values throughout the facility.
We use lab-calibrated UV meters to check and establish optimal range of insect light traps – preventing flase data and ensuring efficacy.
Our team of experienced staff ensures preparation of documentation for FDA/HSA audits and that the pharmaceutical site is ready for audit.