Schools are first-rate habitats for pests to assemble, thanks to the steady supply of food and shelter. Greencare understands the need for kid-friendly pest control in schools; protecting children and leaving them clear to learn.


Reduce the spread of Dengue by ensuring a weekly treatment frequency for mosquitoes. This disrupts their breeding cycles and minimizes the mosquito population onsite.


Greencare uses water-based mist mosquito control, not conventional smoke fogging, which is instrumental in protecting asthmatic children. We also minimise chemicals on school grounds by using a biological larvicide, BTI, a naturally occurring soil bacterium, to target mosquito larvae. We also utilise chemical-free methodologies to prevent cockroaches and their excrement, which can be known to trigger asthma.

Futhermore, we can do all this on Saturdays and Sundays to prevent disruption to class schedules.