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May 30, 2021
5 Reasons Why You Have Rodents At Home

Have you ever wondered why rodents keep coming back to your home? You might have made your version of rodent control in your Singapore home to drive them away but then, these icky pests return after some time. By having rodents at home poses a health risk to you and your family.

Rodents are notorious disease-carrying pests that can infect people with their bites, urine, and droppings. Yet, you don’t have to touch them to catch a rare but fatal disease called hantavirus. You can get this respiratory disease by merely inhaling air polluted by their feces, urine, and nesting materials.

Now you know why you should have rodents removed from your home. But why do they go there in the first place? Here are 5 reasons.


Factors that attract rodents to your home

1. Your home is warm and comfortable.

Rodents are warm-blooded animals that seek a warm place to nest. They can make their nests by gnawing at papers, boxes, wires, wood, and insulation around your home. They can likely cause house fires when they chew on cables of appliances, causing them to short.


2. You provide food.

Rats will eat anything. Uncovered food, fruits, veggies, milk, and even soap are food to them. This is why they are attracted to garbage bins because it’s where they can eat as much as they want. They can also sniff out any unsecured food like birdseed and pet food.


3. You have pets and a pile of compost.

These pests like to eat pet waste and decaying fruits and veggies. If dog waste is littered in your yard or you have a compost area, you’ll likely find rodents at home.

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4. You have broken pipes.

Rodents can get thirsty too. They need both water and food to survive. If you have a dripping pipe inside or outside your home, they will be attracted to it. Even leftover water on a pet bowl or a birdbath will be a watering hole for them, encouraging them to stay.


5. You have fruit-bearing indoor plants.

Rats are attracted to indoor plants with fruits or nut-bearing ones. These are food sources that they can enjoy inside your house. With food, water, and warmth to find in your home, they wouldn’t want to leave – ever!


How do you keep rodents away?

When it comes to rodents, prevention is easier than extermination. You can keep these pests from your home by implementing these measures.

  • Store food in plastic containers, not boxes because they can gnaw through cardboard.
  • Ensure that trash bins are tightly closed at all times.
  • Throw away leftover pet food and don’t leave them out at all times.
  • Check for leaks regularly and fix them immediately.
  • Seal any access points around your home like holes, cracks, plumbing, window gaps, and door spaces.
  • Keep your yard clean by stacking firewood away from your home and picking up dog waste.


What if infestation already happens?

If you notice rodents at your home, it’s time to call for professional rodent control and disinfection service in Singapore. DIY solutions will not eradicate the pests for good, only the experts can. Contact Greencare for a quote or set a consultation at +65 6970 0205!

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