February 14, 2023
7 common pest control mistakes and how to avoid them

Despite your best efforts to keep them out, especially in the Singaporean climate, pests will eventually become an issue in every home. Most people would just grab a can of bug spray to handle it on their own, with the assumption that they managed to catch the one mouse or cockroach that moved into your home before it started breeding. However, sometimes they make errors that make their efforts ineffective. Avoid these following mistakes the next time you grab a can of bug spray to eliminate pests.

Top Common Pest Control Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

1) Choosing The Wrong Pesticide

Bug sprays are not universal. It cannot be applied to all pests that invade your home. There are many different types of insecticides on the market that are designed for particular pests. Pick the one that will work best for the bugs in your house. The first step is figuring out which pests are present in your house.

2) Ignoring The Root Cause Of The Problem

It is ineffective to simply kill the cockroach you see. Although it may be your first inclination, it may be ultimately meaningless. You must address the underlying cause of the issue if you want your home permanently free of bugs. Take a look around your home. Are there holes, rotting wood, or standing water? These might encourage pests to enter your home. The quickest way to get pests out of your house is to eliminate the cause.

3) Not Following The Instructions

If you want insecticides to work, you must adhere to the directions exactly. particularly given that they are toxic. Before applying pesticides, the majority of individuals just read the directions on the container. Although accurate, such information is quite condensed. It lacks detailed advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to check out online resources and the company’s official website to learn more about how specific pesticides should be used.

4) Using The Wrong Bait

No, not all pests respond to sugar as bait. Use the right bait if you want to concentrate all of the bugs in your home before killing them all. Rodents and spiders may be drawn to dead insects, but ants and roaches are more attracted to food scraps. You could try adding poison to the bait to ensure that any pests that consume it die.

5) Not Hiring Experts

You will still have pest issues if you use DIY pest control. You might not have the knowledge and abilities to effectively get rid of the bugs. There are various reasons why hiring a reputable pest control company is advised. For starters, it has professionals to exterminate any bugs from your property. You will have a lot of time saved as a result. Experts are also aware of all the nesting and hiding spots for pests. Future pest infestations will not be a concern. Additionally, experts in pest treatment have access to all necessary tools. Not all pest control businesses can assist you. Select a licenced, reliable, experienced, and cheap pest control specialist.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, Greencare is the top best pest control and cleaning company in Singapore. We place our emphasis on first-rate service quality, detailed documentation, and exceptional value for money. Our Greencare technicians are knowledgeable about the latest information regarding pests and pest control technologies. We are also registered with NEA pest control which is required prior to any sales, supply, or advertising of any pest control products or services in Singapore, and are more than capable of resolving all the above points for you.

6) Not Taking Care Of Your Pets

One of the main causes of pest invasion into the home is pets. Pets’ fleas and ticks can spread throughout your entire house through contact with surfaces. Your clothing, couches, bed linens, and pillows may become infested. Since they can also subsist on human blood, they have a long lifespan. So, before letting your pets inside the house, make sure they are clean. Make regular consultations with your neighbourhood veterinarian.

7) Poor Housekeeping

Spiders enjoy living in unoccupied corners and boxes. Mice build their nests out of rags, cardboard, and shreds of paper. Other bugs enjoy residing in uncut woodpiles. Pests can conceal and thrive in a favourable habitat if it is unaltered and receptive.

Make sure to maintain a clean home, store food properly, remove wood piles from around your house, shampoo your carpet annually, frequently vacuum your carpet, sweep and mop your floors, and dust all of the surfaces in your house. Trim your trees and shrubs regularly, and clean up any leftovers from barbecues and picnics that may have landed on the grass.

For a home free of undesirable creepy crawlies and critters, avoid committing these pest control mistakes. Pest control services are skilled in handling each type of pest, which requires a unique course of action.

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