April 21, 2023
5 Ways To Get Rid Of Silverfish

They’re not made of actual silver and certainly aren’t a type of fish. Silverfish are nocturnal pests (most active at night) that thrive in moist, well-protected areas. However, in your home, they live behind furniture, books, basements, and even in unsealed food packages.

These are scavengers that we’re talking about. They eat almost anything containing carbohydrates and protein. Although harmless to humans, a silverfish infestation usually means household items such as books, wallpaper and clothes being destroyed. Just ask any silverfish control service.

God forbid, if they make their way to your workstation, work documents would be destroyed as they munch on paper, which provides starch, an essential part of their diet.

When you find stains and small holes in your clothing or scratches on your photographs, it may also be signs that you have a resident silverfish to thank for that. Like every other pest infestation, there are ways to deal with silverfish.

Discover the top 5 ways to prevent and control silverfish below.

1. Limit their food sources

When you eliminate their food source, silverfish will be less likely to enter and linger on your premises.
Keep dry food like cereals, grains, pasta, beans, and pet foods in airtight containers. For extra precaution, you can maintain a clean premise by vacuuming carpets and regularly sweeping to help remove fallen food crumbs that may go unnoticed.

2. Remove moisture

Silverfish are found most often in damp and dark areas. Having dehumidifiers in these places helps remove the moisture that silverfish attract.
Simple precautions such as using the fan during and after a shower or bath will keep your bathroom well-ventilated and moisture-free when not in use. You must also keep moisture out by fixing leaky pipes, sealing exterior cracks with caulk, and ensuring gutters and downpipes are channelling water away correctly.

3. Reduce entry points

Silverfish love to establish themselves in protected areas in homes, like behind furniture, on bookshelves, or in damp basements. Shutting off these entry points can help keep your home silverfish-free.
Properly seal any open areas, such as seams between walls and ceilings and cracks under and behind baseboards, windows and trim. Use caulk to seal small crevices around windows and doors and prevent access points that silverfish and other pests may use.

Tip: Silverfish have been around for over 400 million years, making them one of the oldest species of insects on earth. You may think they’re adept at surviving in hostile situations. Still, silverfish are nighttime creatures and are extremely sensitive to light. That’s why it helps to keep them out by keeping your nighttime lights surrounding your house on overnight.

4. Use diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is made from the fossilised remains of tiny aquatic organisms. Because silverfish have an exoskeleton, this is an effective remedy because it causes punctures in the insect that leads to its death.
For best results, spread a thin layer anywhere you’ve noticed silverfish. It’s appropriate for use on the back side of cabinets, along baseboards, in closets, and beneath appliances.

Note: DE is absorbent and could dry the skin with prolonged contact. Hence, you should always take precautions when using it around people and pets.

5. Let the experts take over

Let’s face it, getting rid of silverfish is a challenging task. Flat bodies and high speed make them adept at hiding. The fact that silverfish are nocturnal doesn’t make it any easier to spot them too.
Because it is so hard to combat a silverfish problem, it’s best to consult a trained pest control technician. Additionally, a trained professional will be better able to help you identify and eliminate silverfish where they reside!

Greencare is Singapore’s top homegrown pest control company that provides first-in-class pest management services for any pest problem. With a range of personalised solutions, tools and equipment, and the best price for value, our experts in silverfish control in Singapore protect your home by combining a deep scientific knowledge of pests with an understanding of each customer’s unique needs.

With hundreds of completed projects under our belt, Greencare is a trusted source of high-quality and consistent service no matter the premises of the job!

The Bottom Line

Silverfish are critters we all wish to live without.

Don’t let these nocturnal pests take over your home. Instead, use these tips to prevent and control silverfish infestations. Good luck to you, and good riddance to the silverfish.

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