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May 5, 2023
How Hot Weather Causes Pest Activity in Your Property

Most of us expect the heat to bring some form of inconvenience. This could be the unbearable temperature increase, discomfort, torn lips, and headaches. But what if we told you that the heat also turns an existing problem into a bigger problem? Specifically, we are talking about a pest problem.

You know those creepy crawlies that everyone hates and wants nothing to do with? That’s right! It turns out, those little vermin might like the hot weather more than some of us do. In fact, they like it so much that it is a genuine concern among many pest control services. During the hot weather, pests find their way onto your property and proceed to do their annoying deeds.

So now you have to worry about the heat and pests! Thus, it is a good reason to know why and how pests are active during hot weather. Knowing these reasons allows one to be better prepared with precautions or to know when they should call for pest control services.

How Hot Weather Leads to Increased Pest Activity in your Property

1 Insect Population is Boosted

Insects love the heat and treat it like their summer vacation. They flourish in warmer temperatures because of their cold-blooded nature. The rise of heat is directly correlated with the increase of insect activity, as the heat does not impede their pesky pest behaviour. This includes insects such as mosquitoes, ants, termites, crickets, and flies. Furthermore, increased sunlight also contributes to more sustenance for the pests. It’s safe to say that even insects have a favourite time of the year.

2 Pests Breed More

The temperature determines the breeding season for insects, and hot weather means more breeding! When our surroundings get hotter, bug breeding starts earlier than normal. This causes the population of insects to skyrocket in warmer areas as there is a faster lifecycle and less time between generations. As the hot weather persists, bugs will continue to breed and show no signs of stopping. Don’t be surprised if your most-hated pest keeps reappearing in your home while you are trying to beat the heat.

3 Sends Pests into Your Home

Remember ever feeling how the heat sends us looking for something cool and refreshing because we think we are “melting”? Apparently, pests also think the same way! Some pests just want to quench their thirst or find some protection, both of which can be obtained on your property. It is not uncommon to see rats scurry out of their holes to find water or bugs seeking shade under certain parts of your home during hot weather. Pests thrive in the heat, but that does not mean that they are immune from its effects. After all, they are living organisms, so they do what they need to do in order to survive. Unfortunately for us, that means that they will try to survive in our space.

4 Nightimes are Pest times

As mentioned previously, pests are not immune to the effects of heat. While it is true that hot weather does not stop them from scurrying around most of the time, extreme heat is a problem as it could “bake” them. When night falls, the already large number of pests tend to come out of hiding to cool down. As a result, they will be more visible on your property at night. Therefore, there will be a sudden jump in pest activity that can be very alarming and unexpected.

Essentially, hot weather is not a good time for your property as it benefits pests greatly. Eliminating pests during hot weather is important to avoid property damage. You could always take the necessary steps to keep your home safe or call pest control services when you start to feel that temperature rise.

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