July 17, 2023
Why Vessel Pest Control is Essential for Maritime Safety

Pests are a global problem that plague the lives of many people. You see them in your homes, shops, and buildings. Every time a place has a pest infestation, many negatives, such as property damage, diseases, and general annoyance, will follow. Thus, the global consensus is that everyone hates pests, and rightfully so.
But here is a fun fact. Do you know what other places have pest problems? The answer is ships! Even across the high seas, pests can be quite a pain as their presence is extremely harmful. They find their way onto ships by hitching a ride on cargo, luggage, supplies, or clothes. Their presence brings some risks and problems that no shipping vessel would want mid travel. Today, we are going to talk about why it is important to keep shipping vessels free of pests!

Why Vessel Pest Control is Essential for Maritime Safety

Prevent Diseases from Spreading

As we know, pests bring diseases. But how does this affect the ship that is carrying your Lazada cargo? Well, it would be pretty bad if the people operating the ship fell sick because of one bug. Common pests such as rats and roaches bring the same health problems that they bring on land, but sometimes uncommon menaces can slip through the cracks. One example is the tomcat, a flying pest that spreads a venomous toxin when it comes into contact. The appearance of such a pest does not bode well for any ship. This is because it is problematic if crew members fall ill mid-journey, as replacements and help are hard to procure on the seas. Ergo, this eventually causes less productivity in the ship, leading to bad maintenance and a delayed shipment. Unfortunately, the problem becomes worse when bacteria and viruses brought by pests stick to cargo, as this can lead to unwanted disease spreading on the ship and to people on land. So pest control is much needed to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Keep Cargo Safe from damage

Pests ruin stuff; it is an established part of the issues that they bring. Ships and their cargo are not exempt from this danger. Anything made out of wood, textiles, plastic, or leather will always be susceptible to damage caused by pests. Specifically, termites, rats, and silverfish are known for damaging products, furniture, and cloth. If these pests were to make their way onto a ship, various products that are needed by people could be ruined. Pests do not know the monetary value of these products, but companies and people do. Damaged goods are a risk to business profits and are a no-go for potential customers. Hence, keeping the cargo away from pests is always a necessary step for every ship.

Ensure Smooth Sailing

A rat could cause electrical problems in a home by just biting a wire. Now imagine a pack of rats running amok in a ship’s control room or through the ducts and vents. Electrical or random power outages on a ship while you are in the middle of the ocean are not a sailor’s dream. The level of damage caused by pests could range from minor inconveniences that irritate the crew to major issues that could possibly delay shipments. It’s best to keep the ship running with some pest clearing!

Eliminate Possible Agricultural Problems

Since exporting agricultural produce through maritime transport is a thing, the process is in danger of pest threats. An entire batch of vegetables could be ruined by snails and slugs when left unchecked, damaging and reducing the quality of the crops. Also, slimy snail trails might be left on top of the produce. This renders them less profitable, rejected, or unwanted by people and animals. Therefore, pest elimination on the ship is much needed so your fruits and vegetables do not taste like snail slime!

The More You Know

Pests are going to be an eternal problem. This is why we have vessel pest control services available. If you want to learn more about the threat of pests or gain some insight about combating them, click here! Greencare is always there to help you with pest control and pest knowledge so you can keep your homes and ships pest-free!

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