August 28, 2023
How to Snake-Proof Your Home: Tips and Tricks for Singapore Homeowners

Most people would not expect to see a snake appear in their garden while living in the city. But the odds are always present. In a country that undergoes constant development, animals are forced to retreat to their natural habitats, which are sometimes near urban areas. Sometimes, certain animals can easily slip away and find a way into urban areas. Unfortunately, snakes have a tendency to do so.
So whether you like it or not, the risk does exist. Considering that dangerous species of snakes such as the Banded Krait or Malayan Coral exist in Singapore, you might want to consider some countermeasures. Lucky for you, we have some suggestions that can keep your home free from snakes slithering in.

6 Ways to Keep your Home Snake-Proof

Leave no Hole Uncovered

A pretty straightforward suggestion would be to seal off holes in your home. Specifically, this refers to holes in roofs, garages, and window or door gaps. Additionally, cracks and crevices must be sealed as well. Snakes can squeeze through these holes with ease and might come through one in pursuit of food or shelter. These guests do not knock before entering and would not like the surprise visit. Start by covering up the holes or crevices with tiles or cement. Use screens or gap closers to give less entry room through your windows and doors.

Fill Up The Rocks

If you enjoy having rock walls or anything made out of rock, then you have something in common with snakes. Rocks absorb heat and can become warm to the touch. Snakes love this and will use these heated rocks to warm their cold blood and muscles. In fact, it’s their favourite place to sunbathe. While we cannot just tell you to completely replace your rock structures, we can tell you to improvise. Do not leave empty cavities or spaces that give snakes a free space to crawl into. Fill it up or block it off completely with some cement work or relevant patchwork. This way, you are not inviting them to do their daily healthcare routine in your home.

Touch and Trim Grass

Snakes are a crafty kind of reptile, as they are intelligent and well-versed in manners for avoiding danger and hunting. So do not give them the environment to behave as such. If you have a garden or backyard, make sure that the grass is always trimmed and kept short. It is a simple yet effective trick because it eliminates a reason for snakes to be around. Snakes love tall grass as it provides cover for them against their predators as they move about. Because of their cold-blooded nature, they also prefer slithering around under the shade that shrubs or tall grass offer as a way to avoid extreme heat. Ergo, do not slack off when it comes to lawn care, and keep those grass blades as close to the ground as possible.

Free Up the Clutter

Cluttered up heaps of objects spell out more shade for snakes. Do not keep too many things together or jumbled up in or out of your home. A simple collection of boxes lying around could provide a snake with a resting spot when it needs warmth or shade. That pile of leaves that you have not gotten rid of might be a mid-afternoon pit stop for a nearby python. So get to cleaning and rearranging, as it is a small step to prevent yourself from the possibility of hearing hissing sounds.

Set Up The Perimeter

Landed properties are the most exposed to snake visits, especially if the property is remotely near forest areas. So raise your shields to prevent their unexpected invasion. Invest in proper fencing that does not give space or room for snakes to enter. Fences go a long way in keeping your home safe and require little maintenance over time, so you are doing yourself a favour. Your front or backyards will be safe from roaming snakes and the possibility of an upcoming snake nest.

Get Rid of Their Food

If you have a rat problem, then you might see some snakes. Snakes eat rats, and a place with rats is a free food source for them. Hence, get rid of any rats in your home or in the vicinity. You do not want to let one pest problem fester into a potentially more dangerous one.

If You Already Have a Common Snake Problem

In conclusion, if you are facing a snake issue in your backyard, Greencare, a Singapore-based pest control service, is prepared to assist with snake control and eliminate the unwelcome guest. Contact us today and visit our website for further details on our offerings.

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