Make Your Staff a Part of the Pest Control Solution

Effective pest management relies heavily on employee cooperation and participation. At Greencare, we work with you to equip your staff with tools and training that can help prevent pests before they become an issue.

Staff Training Options

The level of communication between you, your staff and your pest control provider can make or break your pest management efforts. You need someone to teach your staff about pest identification and monitoring, but also provide education on how to report pest sightings. Your Commercial Pest Specialist will work with you and your staff to achieve the best results.

Our clients benefit from training resources, expert articles, and even on-site Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training for their employees. This means it’s easy for you to prepare your staff to respond quickly in the event of a pest sighting.

Plus, we can provide tips to help everyone do their part to maintain a clean business environment, including:

  • Helping you identify roles for your staff
  • Break room and lunch room sanitation
  • Restroom maintenance
  • Landscaping