November 18, 2020
7 Ways On How to Get Rid of Ants From Your Home

If you have recently seen one ant in your kitchen, there must be hundreds more. Seeing ants and insects at any outdoor spot is normal, but finding a few in your home will annoy you the most. The best way to get rid of ants in Singapore is to nip the evil in the bud with pest control ideas.

There are more than 100 different species of ants in Singapore. Eliminating ant colonies sometimes becomes very challenging in Singapore due to the environmental factors that support ants and insects’ existence.


How to get rid of ants

The best way to get rid of ants in Singapore is to hire specialists equipped with the right and safe chemicals and equipment. Using toxic chemicals by you might pose some serious health issues. Sometimes using the wrong toxic spray product can also poison the air. The aim is to keep the procedure safe and also get rid of the ants. Let’s have a look at the best pest control methods on how to get rid of the ants.

Note: If you’re seeing an infestation of carpenter ants, you will want to seek the help of professionals for ant control in Singapore.


1. Block the Entrance and Ant Colonies

All methods to get rid of ants are useless unless you have not blocked the entrance. Usually, ants follow a single route to easily find their route and then detect the colony. Ants leave a specific scent behind that is followed by all other ants, so blocking the entrance must be easy. If an ant trail ends up as a whole, make sure that the hole is properly covered, blocking the entrance.


2. Destroy Ant Colonies

As birds live in nests and humans live in houses, ants live in ant colonies. If you have traced the ant colony, you can destroy these colonies with some recommended chemicals or pour hot water in the hole.


3. Liquid Detergent and Glass Cleaner

The mixture of dish soap or detergent with glass cleaner is a natural ant-repellant. When ants move from one position to another, they leave a specific scent behind. Other ants use that scent to trace the location. This mixture will remove the scent from the trail. The best way is to spray this ant-repellant mixture on the origin of the ants. After spraying on the ant colonies, pour some liquid in the colony. There is no science-backed evidence to support this theory, but the practical applications have been effective.


4. Red or Black Pepper

Most types of ants find the smell of the pepper irritating. You can use this natural product to repel ants from entering your home or kitchen. Even if you are not aware of the ant colonies, you can still sprinkle the black or red pepper behind the appliances or anywhere from where the ants can enter.


5. Use Recommended Chemical Products

Sometimes natural remedies don’t work, so you have to go for artificial methods. There are hundreds of chemical products and ant repelling products available in the markets. While buying any chemical product, make sure it is of high quality, so you are safe while using the product.

While using the chemical, make sure to use the right equipment and follow the safety protocols. If you don’t know how to find and use ant repellants, you can contact the local companies in Singapore.


6. Use Ant Baits

If you think that stepping on one ant will help you get rid of ants in Singapore, you are mistaken. There are thousands of ants in your home, and you don’t kill all. If you cannot trace the ant colonies, you can use any kind of ant baits to trace the origin. Simple put some sweets or sugar and wait until ants start carrying the sugar to their colony. Once you have traced the colony, you know the drill, use chemical products, or boiling water to destroy the colony.


7. Keep the House Clean

Spilled drinks and food pieces are the best attractions for the ants. The best method to get rid of ants in Singapore is to stop inviting them to your house. Try to keep your house clean and always store the food in tight containers. If you have accidentally spilled some drinks or beverages on the floor, quickly clean the floor with water. The aim is to remove the odor that might attract a handful of ants to your home.


Final Verdict

Getting rid of ants in Singapore is not supposed to be complicated as there are countless services and products that can help you with the process. Most of the home remedies can also be useful at the start. If it is too late, and you are finding thousands of ants in every corner, safe practice is to call the professionals.

Greencare pest control provides ant control services, among other commercial pest control services in Singapore.

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