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October 24, 2021
How To Do Natural Pest Control At Home

Pests are annoying and can damage your home. But they don’t have to! There are many natural ways to keep pests away or get rid of them before they become a problem. Pests like rodents, ants, and cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of quickly. But it’s easy if you take the time out to do natural pest control at home.

Here are different ways you can eradicate pests at home naturally.


Hygienic pest control

Pests enter a home looking for food and to find a nest where they can breed. By keeping your home clean you are minimizing the chances of infestation. You can follow the tips below to make sure that your home will repel bugs and rodents.

  • Clean surfaces properly after eating.
  • Place food scraps in a sealed bag and throw them in the garbage bin.
  • Keep food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Wash immediately used pots, pans, dishes, utensils, cutlery, cups, and glasses after preparing food and eating.
  • Keep clean all bathrooms at home.
  • Stick to a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Seal all holes and cracks in the walls.
  • Put fly screens in your doors and windows.

Basic home hygiene can deter most pests but not all. Still, maintaining cleanliness can prevent the growth of pests. For stubborn types, you can always turn to more extreme rodent control and other pest control methods available out there.


Physical pest control

Physical pest control is another way of natural pest control that you can do at home. This method involves catching, killing, and removal of pests within and outside your structure. The pest management measures listed below will work in your home.


1. Using fly traps and mouse traps

The most common method of controlling flies and rodents at home is using physical traps. Traps should be placed in areas with signs of pest activity. Since traps are meant to kill pests, you need to check them regularly to remove dead bugs and rodents. You also have to replace and reset them every day.

You can buy both mouse traps and fly traps from the hardware, pharmacies, or online. Check out this article for the different types of fly traps in the market.


2. Using homemade pest control for home

You can concoct your homemade pest solution by combining some ingredients you have in your pantry and bathroom. Here are some helpful ideas you can try.

To repel dust mites:

Mix clove oil with water in a spray bottle to make a dust mite repellent spray. Spray lightly on your bed and allow to air dry.

To deter fleas and lice:

Mix lemongrass and basil with water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and apply to areas where your pets linger or sleep.

To kill ants:

Check out the 5 ways to kill ants with household items to know how to remove them without chemicals.

Your home is where you feel safe, comfortable, and not overrun by pests. Try the natural pest control methods above, or check out the Greencare pest control blog page for more hacks and tips to get rid of unwanted pests.

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