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October 31, 2021
How To Make An Easy House Cleaning Schedule (That Works!)

Your home is your sanctuary. Why not make it as clean, fresh, and pest-free with the help of a house cleaning schedule?

Pests can be difficult to control and often make homeowners’ lives miserable. Yet, there are many ways to keep the pests away. And one of the most important things you can do is stay on top of your daily cleaning routine!

It can be hard to keep up with the cleaning schedule during the busy weekdays, so we came up with a five-step plan for you.


5 steps to create a house cleaning schedule

1. Make a cleaning checklist

You should come up with a task checklist that fits your lifestyle. If you’re working a 9-to-5, you can only do house cleaning on the weekends and a daily house cleaning routine won’t work for you.

Go around the house and write down everything that needs to be organised, cleaned, cleared, and fixed. Be meticulous so you can include all tasks that need to be completed in your list.

Note how often each task should be done. A kitchen cleaning schedule can look like this.

Daily: Do the dishes, wipe down surfaces, sweep

Weekly: Take out the garbage, disinfect surfaces and things

Monthly: Organise pantry/pantry, clean the oven/fridge

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2. List chores by priority

Think about the important areas that should be clean at all times. How often should you clean them? Do you prefer a gleaming kitchen to a clean bathroom to come home to after a workday?

For example, if you have guests often maybe the most important area to clean is the kitchen and living room. If you like to spend more time in your bedroom than anywhere else, then it should be prioritized in your cleaning schedule.

Just be realistic with your cleaning goals. Determine what matters most for you and proceed from there.


3. Establish your cleaning style

Every person has their style of cleaning. Maybe you’re a quick cleaner that likes to clean every day. Or you’d rather do your cleaning on specific days because of your busy lifestyle. Or you’re a binge cleaner who likes to allot a whole day for house cleaning alone. You should create your task list by considering this factor too.


4. Create a house cleaning schedule

Once you’re done with the first three steps, it’s time to make a cleaning schedule. For everyday tasks, you could set aside a specific time to wipe surfaces and sweep every room. You can then supplement them with weekly and monthly scrubbing and deep cleaning schedules.

For major cleaning, it is most practical to put aside one to two days per week when there is less traffic in your home. To pump up the cleanliness in your home, call for a professional disinfection service in Singapore to cleanse it from germs, viruses, and bacteria now and then.

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5. Make your schedule into a routine

Keep to your cleaning schedule so it will become a habit for you. Following a regular schedule takes patience and time. Try out various ways until you find what works for you.


Final Thoughts

The thought of keeping to a house cleaning schedule can be intimidating at first. Yet, by breaking down chores and scheduling them in certain times that fit your lifestyle, home cleaning will be a breeze for you.

Need help with pest management too? Book the services of an expert in NEA pest control to help keep a clean, pest-free home.

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