November 23, 2021
Mice And Rats: What’s The Difference?

Mice and rats are commonly thought to be the same thing. The misconception that they are the same is due in part to their similar appearance, as well as the general lack of knowledge about their differences. However, there are several key differences between these animals that can help set them apart.

To know which type of rodent you’re dealing with, learn how mice and rats look like and what rats vs mice signs to look for.



Mice And Rats: What's The Difference? Mice

House mice are common pests to have inside a home. They are small and fast – making it a bit challenging to identify them. A mouse has these physical traits:

  • Smaller bodies (about one to four inches long)
  • Huge, floppy ears
  • Long and thin hairy tail
  • Small head
  • Sharp, triangular snout
  • White, brown, or grey coat
  • Measures around 12 to 20 cm when fully grown



Mice And Rats: What's The Difference? Rats

A rat in the house is a surefire sign of trouble. They are known to contaminate food, cause illnesses, and damage properties like mice. You can likely find them in your basement or crawlspace. But, they can climb to your ceilings too.

You can identify a rat by these physical characteristics:

  • Large bodies and can grow to about 15 inches long
  • Smaller ears compared to mice
  • Flesh-toned, long and scaly tail
  • Square and stubby snout
  • Black or brown fur with pale undersides
  • Measures around 40 cm when fully grown


Mice vs rats – which causes more risks and damage?

Rats and mice can cause serious health risks to people and pets. They are very destructive pests that will leave you costly damages if not eradicated immediately. Be it mice or rats, you’ll need a total solution for pest control in Singapore to deal with them.

Risks and damage from mice

Despite their small size, mice can produce a lot of damage. Their tiny bodies can enter holes as small as ¼ inch. They can wreak havoc inside your home by gnawing through walls and nesting on insulation or furniture. By chewing on wires, they can trigger electrical issues and fire.

Mice can cause severe health issues to people and pets with their droppings. Salmonella, hantavirus, and listeria are a few diseases they can transmit. A mouse can produce about 100 droppings a day.

Risks and damage from rats

Rats are huge and will need big holes to pass through. To get to the other side, they will gnaw at anything that bars their way. They can chew through plastic, vinyl, wood, and more. When they found a food source, they will likely stick to it and keep coming back.

They can transmit diseases through bites, droppings, food contamination, and fleas. Severe health complications include rat fever, leptospirosis, the plague, and more.

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Mice and rats – what are the pest control challenges?

Mice and rats differ in many ways such as their behaviours, diets, and traits. These become a challenge during extermination as what might work with rats might not work with mice or vice versa. Thus, the need for professional rodent control in Singapore.

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An expert in pest control can assess the type of rodent infestation and find the best approach for combating the problem. If the infestation is not completely controlled, the pests can quickly return. Both mice and rats have a high rate of reproduction. And they can make up for their lost numbers in no time at all!

Got a rodent problem that you can’t control on your own? Give us a call now!

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