December 14, 2021
7 Ways To Keep Flies Away From Your Food

Hosting a party outdoors might be enjoyable, until you are forced to battle pests as you eat. It can be difficult to unwind and have fun when you are troubled by the buzzing of flies in your ears and them hovering on your food. Instead of enjoying the atmosphere, you’re left wondering if the food on your plate is safe to eat after a fly landed on it.

If you are tired of dealing with this issue, here are 7 tips to keep flies away from your food.


1. Eliminate breeding grounds

One way to avoid insect issues is to eliminate their breeding places. They lay eggs in decaying organic matter — such as dead animals, rotting vegetation and food waste — where the larvae can feed and develop into adults. If you have a garden, harvest its contents as quickly as possible to keep flies out and other pests as well.

You can also control the breeding environment by cleaning up after your pets. Fresh animal waste attracts flies, and can even serve as a breeding ground for fly larvae. Keeping your dogs or horses habitually clean can eliminate breeding grounds for flies.


2. Keep food covered

Outside eating means food will be opened, and flies are attracted to used plates and food sources. Until you see a need to eat, keep your food covered. Be mindful of the food you keep at the grill and foods that are high in sugar, such as cola.

Eliminating waste and covering food are simple habits that drastically reduce the number of flies bothering you and your guests. They can also prevent flies from landing on your food and contaminating it.


3. Place electric fans in your dining area

Flies are too small and weak to fly in strong winds. You can place electric fans around your dining area to create a no-fly zone around your food. Using an electric fan to control flies is a good alternative to using chemical pesticides. It does not only keep you cool in the warm, Singapore weather, it only helps get rid of flies from food.


4. Wash garbage cans

Because trash is one of the highest lures of flies, your garbage containers will also attract them. Even if they are empty already, the residual odor remains a major attraction to these insects. To do away with the issue of flies around your garbage and recycling containers, use a hose to rinse the insides of the bins and get rid of any leaked garbage.

Place empty receptacles on their sides and rinse thoroughly. Collect any debris to avoid littering your lawn and local storm drains.


5. Keep flies away from the drinks

You can avoid pesky flies if you pay attention to your drinks. Flies will seek out sources of sugar and are especially drawn to carbon dioxide generated by the fermentation of rotting fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, this attraction also includes any sweet, fizzy beverage at outdoor settings.


6. Decorate with candles made with essential oils

Essential oils from fly-repelling plants can also be used in another way. You can purchase scented diffusers, fill them with essential oils, and put them around the outdoor dining area to keep flies at bay. You can also try buying candles that were made with essential oils and use them to enhance the appeal of your outdoor area.


7. Set up fly traps

Rather than shooing flies away, you may want to setup a trap that flies can’t escape. Sticky traps do not have a strong odor nor do they require any work on your part. Using pheromones, these traps draw nearby flies to a sticky pad that prevents them from leaving. Check out this article for other fly trap ideas.


Why get rid of flies?

Houseflies can potentially be dangerous when they come in contact with your food. Flies like to visit places like sewers and garbage heaps to feed on dirty fluids and rotting organic material. They regurgitate and defecate wherever they landed, spreading germs in the process. This is why the getting help from experts in NEA pest control is a must, to keep yourself and everyone in your household safe from the health risks these pests bring.

The fly is responsible for the spread of 65 dangerous diseases to humans. These include cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, poliomyelitis, and leprosy.

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There you have it, our tips to keep flies away from your food. The abovementioned measures can help you and your guests enjoy your food and surroundings – minus the flies. If you noticed signs of fly infestations in your home, you may need to consult with fly control experts to get rid of flies effectively. Call Greencare for a consultation asap!

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