Cockroach Control Services Delivering the Best Results in Singapore

Facing a cockroach infestation at home or at work is a nightmare. Not only does it mean that you can’t show guests around without the fear that one of these nasty critters will scurry past at any second, but they also carry germs and bacteria that are potentially harmful to you and your family. They have the tendency to feast on anything with nutritive value, meaning that they may end up ruining your food. And as cockroaches are extremely resilient insects, eliminating them can be quite a daunting and difficult task.

But getting rid of cockroaches is not impossible — all you need to do is get in touch with Greencare. We offer professional cockroach control services that will have your space roach-free quickly and safely. No job is too large or too complicated for the experts at Greencare to handle, so call now and arrange a visit today!

Preventing cockroach infestations

Cockroaches come in many different shapes and sizes, with such varieties including the American, German and Oriental cockroaches. But they all thrive in similar conditions, so to prevent infestations from occurring the best solution is to target the factors that lead to breeding grounds developing in the first place. Steps you can adopt include:

  1. Storing food in tightly closed cabinets and sealed containers
  2. Washing dishes and cutlery right away, rather than leaving overnight
  3. Ensure cracks and crevices in walls of floors are sealed using proper sealant
  4. Clear out old newspapers, boxes and cardboard cartons — cockroaches love hiding in these items
  5. Thoroughly inspect incoming stock, boxes and crates to make sure they do not contain cockroaches or cockroach egg cases

How we can help

Of course, if you’ve already got a cockroach infestation on your property, you’ll need to find cockroach control services to take care of the issue. That’s where Greencare comes in. We will use efficient yet human-friendly treatments that will leave no lasting impact on your space.

This species is red-brown, 3 – 4 cm long. They are the most common species found in the Western Cape and are seen most often around houses, in cabinets, restaurants, grocery stores, sewers and rubbish dumps.
These cockroaches are much darker than the American and the Australian species. The colour varies from dark brown to black.
This species is amber-brown in colour and, at 1 – 2 cm long, the smallest of all. It does not fly. It likes warm and damp environments and is found in kitchens, store rooms, under sinks and cupboards, in drawers and furniture and around refrigerators.
To get rid of cockroaches, the factors that allow for its survival must be removed. It will help a great deal if you follow the following preventive steps.

  1. Keep food in tightly closed cabinets and containers.
  2. Don’t leave food waste in sinks, on tables or floors.
  3. Wash dishes and utensils after a meal; don’t leave overnight.
  4. Seal cracks and crevices in walls or floors with a proper sealant.
  5. Clear away old newspapers, boxes and cardboard cartons as cockroaches like to hide in these items.
  6. Inspect all incoming stock, crates and boxes for cockroaches and their egg cases before storage.