The leading NEA-certified cockroach pest control in Singapore

Apart from being terribly creepy, cockroaches can carry and spread diseases like gastroenteritis, posing a health threat to your family at home.

If you’re a business owner, cockroach infestations at your commercial space can result in fines, reputation damage, drop in customer revenue, or even suspension to operate. In the worst cases (touch wood!), it can even lead to illness or even death of customers or employees, resulting in lawsuits and financial losses.

At Greencare, we have seen many homes and places of business infested by cockroaches in varying degrees. That’s why we highly recommend putting in place a clear system for cockroach pest control, especially for pest control in F&B outlets.

Our NEA-certified team of pest control specialists are knowledgeable and well-trained to help get rid of your cockroach problem at its core.

Every property has its unique characteristics that require its own customised cockroach treatment plan.

Our highly trained cockroach pest control experts can ensure your roaches problem becomes a thing of the past.

From residential homes to commercial spaces, to heavy industrial areas, Greencare has seen and nipped almost every type of cockroach problem out there.

No matter the challenge – big or small – we are up for it.

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Identifying the cause and solving the problem at its root

At Greencare, we look to make sure that you are not simply hiring us to eradicate the problem today only for it to return tomorrow. We don’t just chase the cockroaches out of your home; we create conditions which are unfavourable to their livelihood. We look to create a system of pest control in Singapore that ensures they are destroyed today and are discouraged from returning in the future.

This is why we look to evaluate every property on its own individual merits. By avoiding assumptions, we make sure that we find the exact cause of your pest problem. Then, and only then, can we put in place a solution that not only kills off today’s cockroaches but makes sure that future infestations are not going to become a problem you need to worry about.

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How do we provide cockroach pest control at Greencare Singapore?

The system that we use helps us to make sure that we always catch the problem at the source and deal with it immediately. Typically, we look to carry out a process that will achieve the following steps, maximising long-term results.

Identifying the issue

First off, we look to find out what breed of cockroach you are dealing with. Typical Singaporean breeds of cockroach include German, American, Oriental, and Brown-branded cockroaches. By first identifying the type of cockroach, we can then build a battle plan to eradicate it as soon as possible.

Locating the hub

Cockroaches tend to come from a hub or a hotspot area, and we can find this by using the right tools. Once we can triangulate the location they are stemming from, we can then find out where to start building a solution to kill them off.

Assessing the property

Whilst we find out where they are flowing from, we can also work out what kind of structural damage the cockroaches have caused. Singaporean homes can be severely damaged by continuous cockroach infestations. We can then offer solutions and assistance in repairing any damage they might have caused.

Taking control of the pesky problem

Once we know how to go about combatting the issue, our team will then put in place a full and bespoke cockroach pest control plan in Singapore. We look to come up with an approach which:

  • Focuses on the areas where you are having the most stress.
  • Builds on the strengths of your current defenses, whilst strengthening weaknesses.
  • Works to find the source of your problem, killing it off at the hub.
  • Utilises tools and techniques including roach baiting, insecticide, and glue boards.

This key combination of skills and services ensures the job is done in a safe, controlled manner. We also look to focus on things like the intensity of your infestation, any specific property features which might otherwise encourage infestation, and lifestyle habits of those who live/work at your property.

We also look to evaluate the presence of other pests, which might encourage cockroach infestations.

Full-scale cockroach treatment plans in Singapore
  • When you hire Greencare, you are hiring a team of specialists who will not leave your property until the job is done.
  • We will use 100% non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly techniques that are capable of wiping out the cockroach population without any risk to you – or your pets – health.
  • By using techniques such as baiting and eco-friendly insecticide products, we make sure that the only victims of our work are the nasty pests making your life in Singapore needlessly challenging!
  • Greencare also sets up full and thorough prevention systems so that you not only get rid of today’s cockroaches but also minimise the risk of more infestations arriving on your property.
Residential and commercial cockroach pest control

At Greencare, we can handle just about any kind of property – residential (HDB/private condominium/landed) or commercial (F&B outlets/retail stores/offices/hotels/industrial/factories/construction sites).

Whether you are a homeowner in Singapore sick of scurrying cockroaches or you are a business owner losing reputation, it is time to act. We are here to help you target the roaches, make sure they are rounded up and removed from your property.

We can find them lurking in all areas of a building, so we use a no-stone-left-unturned form of investigation to ensure they are all removed. Whether you are working in a professional industry or you are simply trying to keep your home healthier and safer, our team can help you out in any way that you might wish.

Greencare is the leading residential and commercial pest control company in Singapore.

Contact us today to discuss the ways in which we can provide you with effective cockroach pest control in Singapore. Regardless of the challenge, we will be there to meet it head-on with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cockroach Control
Why is cockroach prevention and control important in commercial premises?

Not only do cockroaches pose a problem when it comes to the physical well-being of your staff and customers, but you could also potentially run afoul of the law in cases of a cockroach infestation. At stake is your company’s reputation. There have been cases in Singapore where businesses had to shut down due to cockroach infestations. Ultimately, a cockroach problem puts the health and safety of your staff and customers at risk.

How do I prevent cockroaches?

Here are some practical tips to keep cockroaches and other pests away:

  • Remove indoor trash and do not leave overnight
  • Store food supplies in airtight containers and do not leave any food exposed on kitchen counters at night
  • Fix any leaking taps and wipe away any water spills especially at the kitchen sink area. Remove any potential food sources
  • Seal all cracks and crevices where cockroaches can hide
  • Check and clean hard-to-reach areas such as behind the cupboards or refrigerators
  • Make sure food is not left in sink strainers and floor traps
  • Keep the kitchen and appliances clean and grease free
  • Keep all doors, windows and rubbish chute properly closed
Why hire a pest control company for your cockroach problem?

Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a pest control specialist like Greencare to eliminate your cockroach problem.

  • We tailor our solution according to your specific cockroach problem
  • We use the most advanced solutions in the market that are both effective and safe for your family and coworkers
  • We help to monitor and prevent re-occurrence of the pest problem