NEA-certified termite pest control in Singapore

Struggling with termites at home or in your workplace? Call our specialised termite pest control in Singapore now!

At Greencare, we use the latest equipment and techniques to get rid of termites quickly and easily. Otherwise known as “white ants”, these infestations can become expensive and problematic for even the most structurally sound homes.

With our specialised termite control team, we will create a termite control plan tailored to your situation. We will help you get rid of your termite problem – once and for all.

Types of termite control treatments

Termites are versatile, hardy creatures that can be much tougher to kill than you would assume. As experts in controlling termite infestations, though, we use various techniques to help get rid of termites or stop them from arriving, to begin with. Some of the tools we employ include:

1. Liquid termite pest control treatments

Termidor liquid termite treatments have become highly popular in the industry as they can be used indoors and outdoors. These help to provide a barrier to your property, stopping the termites from arriving in the future. By using such a treatment, we can provide you with an instant solution to block infestation, as well as a long-term protective solution that should prevent a future infestation from taking place.

2. Dry foam treatments

Termites are often going to get into your Singapore property by using voids that are found in your walls. They might also come in through gaps in other surfaces. We look to use dry foam as it can expand into even the most minuscule areas, adding another barrier for entry that the termites cannot overcome. Dry foam is also very low in moisture content, removing the risk of wet spots and thus gaps being created.

3. Bait and monitoring treatments

In Singapore, one of the most common options for termite pest control comes down to using a “bait and monitoring” system. This is used to stop the mottling process of termites, meaning they cannot grow to their usual size and strength. This is used in areas where termites are much more likely to appear. By baiting them into harmless areas, our Sentricon system works to provide an easy-to-follow, well-monitored system that stops your termite pest problems in Singapore.

Termite control tailored to your unique situation

Our team also understands that every termite treatment that we arrange in Singapore is unique. Each property has its own access points, weaknesses, and structural concerns.

We have handled termite situations in HDB flats, condominiums, landed houses, commercial shops, F&B outlets, factories, and industrial buildings. We even perform vessel pest control to eliminate termite infestations.

Our Greencare specialists look to work around said concerns, putting together a list of solutions tailored to the property that you own at present.

Protecting your property from future infestations

We protect your property both from immediate infestation and from future infestation. By taking a thorough and full review of your property, we will come back with a solution for termite pest control in your area. This is built on what we can learn about your property, and what matters the most to bringing an end to your infestation issues.

With expert staff who have trained extensively in the skills needed for trustworthy termite pest control, you have nothing to worry about. We will evaluate the issue, find out where the core problems stem from, and then get to work on the best solution available.

Why Greencare Termite Pest Control

Greencare is an NEA-certified pest control company in Singapore, and has successfully combated some of the most challenging termite infestations you can imagine.

Tackling a termite problem on your own is often a mistake. That’s why we recommend you reach out to our experts. With decades of industry expertise, we can step in to handle even the worst infestations. We use the industry’s latest techniques that are proven to drive out sturdy and otherwise stubborn termites, getting rid of them for good and freeing your home from their corrosive influence.

Known by many as being the “silent killer” of properties, they can cause immense structural damage before you even realise they are present. That is why you might wish to act now; waiting until you see signs of a termite infestation can be too late in some circumstances. We can help you to find out where the problem stems from, get rid of their extensive tunnel networks, and remove all potential avenues into your home.

Instead of simply limiting the damage, our thorough service for termite pest control handles both present and future infestations. With future check-ups provided, too, you know you can trust us to turn up and put in place a solution to any termite infestation you find yourself up against.

Get professional help to eradicate your termite infestation today

By undergoing a full and thorough inspection of your property, we make sure we understand the problem in full. We don’t turn up with half-baked theories and cookie-cutter solutions. We find out what you might be struggling with regarding termites in Singapore. Then, our team gets to work on appraising the situation.

With the scenario planned out and understood, we can get to work on handling the issue and getting you back into your property ASAP. Losing your home or your business for a period of time can be unsettling, so we work quickly and diligently to handle the problem.

For more information about termite pest control in Singapore done correctly, contact the team at Greencare today. We will be more than happy to assist you in solving the issue you face.

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