Treatment for Termites in Singapore

Termites can cause expensive and irreparable damage to your property, and the worst part is you may not even realise you have a termite infestation until it is far too late. It is estimated that they cause millions of dollars worth of damage across the world each year. They feast on wood, and causing problems from doors and walls to the foundational integrity of the entire structure of your home or business premises.

Having a termite infestation is a major problem that you cannot afford to put off resolving. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place for treatments for termites in Singapore. Greencare are the leading providers of pest control services for both residential and commercial clients — no matter how large or small the issue is, we’re the most reliable choice. Call now to solve your termite problems once and for all!

Preventing termite infestations

Termites thrive in wooden structures, which is why you will find them in wooden flooring, wardrobes, debris and landscape timbers. Other factors include moisture and temperature. In areas with drainage condensation below and controlled temperatures such as through air conditioning, favourable conditions are created for termites all throughout the year. Finally, cracks in walls, basement foundations and concrete blocks around utility pipes grant convenient access to termites if unsealed.

Unfortunately, it may be hard to do anything about these factors. Instead, ensure that you regularly check your building to see if there any termite infestations. This can be seen if there are visible hollow or rippled traces behind wall coverings or wood that is showing signs of termite damage.

To eliminate termites and prevent them from doing any more damage to your property, Greencare employs termite treatments that are comprised of chemicals that are human-friendly. We’’ ensure that your infestation is taken care of quickly and safely.

Conditions favorable to their survival:

  • Access: Cracks on walls, basement foundations or concrete blocks and around utility pipes provide them access into any structural building.
  • Moisture: Any moisture such as the drainage condensation under home.
  • Temperature: Controlled temperatures such as air- conditioned environment create favorable conditions for termites all year-round.
  • Food: Any wooden structure from wooden flooring, wooden wardrobe, debris in premises or landscape timbers.
  • Signs of infestation are tubes which they construct like mud tunnels which they use to travel from their underground colonies to structural buildings.
  • The mud tubes or tunnel are typically about the diameter size of a pencil, but sometimes can be larger.
  • Observe for any winged termites appearing from house foundations or within the premises
  •  To determine if an infestation is active, the tubes can be broken open to check for the presence of tiny, creamy-white worker termites.
  • Search for any signs of termite-damaged wood, which, most of the time, looks like it is scooped out along the grain of the wood and with traces of dried mud.
  • Hollow or rippled traces behind any wall coverings can also be indication of termites tunneling or breeding underneath.
  • Sometimes, there are no visible signs that the homes are infested. Termite infestations can go undetected, sometimes for many years, well-hidden underneath floor coverings or behind walls as the exposed outer surface of wood is left intact.
  • Check decks and wooden fences regularly for damage.
  1. Prevention and Chemical extermination for soil and collective treatment is generally based on per square feet depending on your specified area.
  2. Anti termite spot on treatment dusting and bait on treatment baiting depending on the free site inspection to determine the best solution.
  3. The customized cost will be provided depending on the Treatment Plan at WTG’s Pest Control competitive and affordable price.