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December 21, 2021
7 Warning Signs You Need To Call Pest Control

Are you wondering when to call pest control? If you spot more than three pests in one day, then you need to contact a pest control service in Singapore immediately. The pests can be very harmful to your home and can carry dangerous diseases that can put you and your family at risk.

Although many homeowners worry about the cost of pest control services, they are relatively inexpensive. The truth is, by nipping the problem in the bud, you are saving money from costly damages pests can cause your home.


Tell-tale signs to call pest control immediately

1. You are in danger

Some of the household pests in your home — spiders and hornets, wasp and bees among them — can cause severe stings or even spread illness. We all dread spiders, wasps, and bees. Their habits can seem scary at first, and they can be potentially dangerous if provoked. It’s fine if you find it difficult to eliminate the stinging pests yourself. Just call a pest exterminator for help. You could potentially be saving your own life by doing it.

2. The infestation is out of control

Numerous pest infestations must be treated within a brief timeframe. Termite control and bed bug control are some of the pest extermination methods that should be handled by someone with specialized knowledge. Cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites typically conceal or runoff from amateur methods to get rid of them. If not dealt with properly and urgently, they can return in enormous numbers to wreak havoc in your home.

3. Structural damage is visible

If you see the first sign of structural damage, it is best to call pest control right away. Wood is a common target for hungry termites. You may not see the termites working their way through your wood, but you may see the tunnels and seal the holes they leave behind.

4. Indication of interior damage

If your home has signs of a current pest infestation inside, it is time to seek a rodent control service to speak with about it. Smaller critters are not as risky as larger ones, but they still can cause damage to furniture and more.

Pests can also leave some of their marks on your kitchen cabinets after trying to get food from them. They may also leave claw marks or bite marks on the plastic wrap over your foods. The pests can destroy a lot of furniture or walls. So it’s beneficial to ensure any pests or rodents get taken care of as quickly as possible.

5. You want to avoid health risks

Several harmful insects spread health troubles and are hard to eradicate. Such pests are best left to the experts, who take care to identify the problem and design a suitable solution.

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When you use strong products to get rid of popular pests, you may face a bigger challenge. This is because these pests are more difficult to eliminate. You might spend a lot of money and time on harsh treatments, many of which have dangerous negative effects on your home and family.

6. You have a recurring pest issue

Some pests, such as ants, are not particularly dangerous. Many people use store-bought or do-it-yourself treatments and fail to eliminate them.

Sometimes those annoying pests just won’t leave. Even though you have tried all of the commercial options and home remedies, the pesky pests persist. If that is the case, it’s time to hire a pest control specialist that uses professional-grade methods to deal with the problem for you.

7. There are scratching and rustling sounds in your walls

If you hear rustling or scampering from overhead or in your walls at night, chances are you have pests in your home. A well-trained pest technician can determine the source of the sounds and the type of pest infestation. Once the assessment is complete, the exterminator can propose solutions to remove the pests effectively.


Final Thoughts

It is always good to call pest control asap to protect your home, family, and property. For more information about pest control services, feel free to contact us at 6970 0205.

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