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December 26, 2021
5 Ways To Pest Proof Your Home For The New Year

The new year is a time for resolutions and new beginnings. To have a fresh start, it’s important to take care of the little things. As you consider the changes you want for maintaining your home, think about adding pest proofing as a priority.

While pest issues often vary according to the season, there are pest proof procedures that you can do into the new year to make sure household pests are not an issue.


Pest proof methods for homeowners

1. Declutter your home

A professional in pest control and disinfection service will advise you that clutter plays a key role in ridding your home of pests. Litter provides hiding places for vermin like mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs, which reside indoors.

The ideal time for decluttering is the start of a new year. You should take out items from your closets, food pantries, garage, and other storage areas. Then, organize your possessions into airtight bins that prevent bugs and rodents from entering.

2. Pest proof by sealing any gaps

Place door sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors. These will block insects and rodents from entering your home. It is also important to caulk gaps around doors, windows, and foundations. Implementing these measures can help with rodent control and keeping other pests out of your house.

3. Store firewood away from the house

Cockroaches like to gather around woodpiles. Rather than bringing wood indoors, make sure it is stored at least 20 feet away from the house, If you need firewood, then make sure to brush it off before bringing it inside to bug-proof your home.

4. Clear the yard

You must stay vigilant to maintain your home’s exterior in good shape. Remove any dead branches, dead leaves, or fallen debris from the yard. Keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris to avoid water buildup, Also, check the roof for any leak.

5. Keep the kitchen clean

Prevent pests like rats, roaches, and flies from transforming the kitchen into their living space. Keep it clean by wiping up crumbs and eliminating food particles after every meal. Do not leave fruits, vegetables, and other perishables out on the tables and counters.

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Key Takeaway

It is expected to have dirt and other residues from foods and beverages in the different areas of your house due to holiday gatherings. But cleaning out and organizing your home post-holiday can free your mind of the chaos and from potential threats of pests.

The beginning of the new year is the ideal time to pest proof your home to keep pests away. Stock up food products properly and stay alert for any pests for good measure. Yet, if they are already inside your house, call for a specialist in NEA pest control to get rid of them asap!

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