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5 Post-Holiday Cleanup Tips To Prevent Pests

After the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, many people are left with a home that has not only been overrun by family, but also by pests. Although you can count on a pest control service in Singapore for your residential pest extermination needs, you can help control the growth of pests too. Keep reading for the 5 tips to help prevent pest infestations with post-holiday cleanup.


1. Properly put away leftovers.

The craziness of the holidays can make you forget to clean up your dishes properly. If dishes are not put away quickly enough, or leftover food is left behind overnight, pests would be feasting in no time.

Leaving food out too long not only attracts insects, but rodents, moths, and cockroaches, as well. Make sure that all leftover food is well stored in glass or plastic containers and in the refrigerator. Although a rodent control or cockroach control can help eradicate pests, it is still best to implement preventative measures to keep pest at bay.


2. Clean up your kitchen and food preparation area.

Make sure to wipe up spills and crumbs as well as grease splatters. These can all attract ants, flies, and roaches. Pay close attention to the appliances and the areas behind them. For more cleaning tips before pest control, check out this article.


3. Make sure that you regularly clean trash receptacles.

Both of your indoor and outdoor bins need to be washed after they are emptied out. This is because rotting food are more likely to attract flies and other pests to breed.


4. Vacuum every room of your home routinely.

Vacuuming gets rid of bacteria, grime, and dust which have invaded your carpet or rug. Carpet beetles will not only infest these things, they can also damage other natural fibers in your house. So, wash clothes and other linens which have been stored for a year thoroughly.


5. Store your ornaments and decorations safely.

Don’t tolerate clutter and random stuff around your home. After the holidays are over, take down all your decorations and put them into storage. Avoid using plastic bags or plastic containers to store your items, and use quality bins instead. Focus on a sturdy design that locks everything in place.

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It is important to take the necessary steps to do post-holiday cleaning before pest problems start. If you spot a roach or rat inside your house, it means that more are hiding in your walls or hidden away in cracks and crevices. Therefore, take extra care to make sure you eradicate them as soon as possible.

If you are still having problems with pest infestations after a post-holiday cleanup, now could be a great time to call Greencare pest control for a home inspection and treatment. You do not want to share your home with pests as well as bugs this New Year.

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