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December 1, 2021
5 House Plants That Attract Bugs

House plants are good for the health. They not only beautify a house but they help reduce stress levels too. A NASA study showed that house plants can rid the air of toxins by 87% in just 24 hours. This is due to house plants absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen that freshen up the air.

Having house plants indoors is beneficial to people in both mental and physical aspects. They provide a fresh aesthetic that calms and relaxes everyone inside the home – boosting their mood every day. While some indoor plants naturally repel bugs, others draw pests inside your home.

To know which plants to avoid bringing into your home, keep reading this article!


Why are there plants that attract bugs?

Plants can be prone to insect attacks due to various factors. As they are shielded from the natural elements, pesky critters can stay without being blown away by wind or rain. The humidity inside the house can also draw in the bugs who are looking for a haven and stable food source.

Although the indoor environment and conditions play a major role in attracting insects, the type of house plant can be another factor too. Below are the growing conditions that can draw pests in.

  • High humidity

Many insects flock toward areas with high humidity to survive. As they have a small body size, they can dry out and die. They need to go to spots with high humidity to keep their bodies moist.

Watering your house plants can increase the moisture level that attracts bugs. This is because when water evaporates from the soil, it raises the humidity levels around the plant. Also, overwatering can leave standing water in containers that collect draining water from plant pots. These factors can lead to your home being invaded by unwanted visitors.

  • Lack of ventilation

Air movement keeps the humidity level from increasing. It also makes insects stay away from your plants because it dries the soil quickly and reduces fungal growth. This condition is not favorable for insects.

Placing plants indoors and away from doors, windows, and vents makes them more vulnerable to insect invasion. Placing them too close to each other can also decrease air circulation. To ensure that your plants will not be prey for bugs, put them in better-ventilated areas. Or use a fan to enable gentle air movement where the plants are placed.


What are house plants that attract pests?

Naming a specific plant that is a bug magnet is not easy. But some plants become prone to pests because they need more water than others and grow better in high humidity. Some of these indoor plants are:

  • Alocasia Stingray
  • Calatheas
  • Cabbage
  • Ferns
  • Green Onions/Scallions
  • Hoya Compacta
  • Peace Lily
  • Tomatoes

Ants, beetles, moths, wasps, and rodents are a few of the pests that can invade your home to feed on your house plants. If bug sprays can’t exterminate or drive them away, call for a pest control service in Singapore immediately.

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How to get rid of bugs on indoor plants?

If you want to keep your favorite house plants but want to remove the pesky pests that have appeared, then contact us today. We can schedule a home inspection to assess the pest condition inside and outside your house.

We have residential pest management services that can handle any level of pest issues you have. Be it rodent control, cockroach control, or termite pest control – we have the perfect solution for your pest woes!

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