February 9, 2022
6 House Pests Hiding In Your Living Room

The living room is often overlooked when it comes to house pests. For many homeowners, it is the space where they spend the most time in the home, relaxing and snacking. This makes it an enticing place for pests to get in. And once bugs get comfortable in the living room, they will be difficult to eradicate.

House pests that are commonly found in the living room


Sometimes, ants will enter your living room to eat the crumbs from bread, fats, meats, and oils. While some ant species prefer sweets, house ants like baked goods. If you’re doing a small snack in the living room and drop just one crumb, you may find a single trail of ants in no time at all. Ant control is the only way to remove them from the room.


Fleas can find their way into the living room and invade many rooms. Flea control can be quite difficult as they are hard to remove in and around the house. They can hitch a ride on your pets when they go outdoors and come inside to infest your home.

Dust Mites

Tiny insects that are commonly found throughout the house and the air are known as dust mites. They can cause symptoms of allergies and respiratory problems for some people, particularly those with asthma. Dust mites like the heads of chairs, sofas, and recliners, and will readily colonize them.

These insects may not bite or sting, but if they crawl onto the skin, the person affected may begin to itch or feel pain. Once their waste products are inhaled, you’ll have trouble breathing.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles consume animal and fabric-based materials. Without proper treatment, they’re capable of establishing themselves in a house – particularly in the living room. They enter using various entry points, including windows and doorways. The females then lay their eggs on the furnishings or throughout the carpet.

These pests can be taken indoors when they attached themselves to items that are brought inside from an infested place. If you don’t clean your home regularly, a carpet beetle infestation may grow quickly. The bristly hairs on the insects can make themselves quite itchy for people and their pets.

Pests of this kind will eat holes in carpets, clothing, and furniture pieces. So, getting rid of them will probably require the help of a professional pest control service.

House Flies

If you’re eating or snacking in the living room, you’re probably to encounter bugs in the living room including the house flies. These flies aren’t particularly picky about their diet. They’re attracted to all kinds of smells and foods. They might gain access through some type of opening in your home. You’ll need to take some fly control measures to prevent serious infestation.

Bed Bugs

Some house pests are attracted to furniture in your room. Bed bugs are the most common of them. This is for the simple reason that they can get into very small areas.

Furniture in your home offers lots of vantage points for bugs to hide. They’re parasitic insects and need a supply of blood to thrive. If you sit in a contaminated chair, you are likely to be the next host for bugs.

A common sign that you have been exposed to bed bugs is the appearance of red spots on the skin. These pests are indeed more likely to begin dwelling within the bedroom, but they have the capability of quickly transferring from one room to another.

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Why house pests are drawn in your living room?

Normally larger compared to other spaces, living rooms tend to provide pests with plenty of means to stay out of sight. In particular, the carpeting provides shelter and food for many of these living room pests. While other pests are attracted to crumbs that are left behind from snacks or meals.

Besides those attractants, living rooms are generally more accessible for pests than other parts of the residence. They are usually located on the first floor and near the front door. They also tend to feature multiple windows, which provide numerous entryway options for pests.

Additionally, living rooms accommodate a lot of foot traffic compared to other rooms. This makes them the perfect landing area for many hitchhiking bugs on clothing, personal items, or pets.


What are the risks of having bugs in the living room?

While small living room bugs may not seem an issue, they do present quite a threat. Bed bugs can result in itchy welts after they bite. Ants and house flies can contaminate food. Worse, house flies are capable of transmitting over one hundred different pathogens to food. These include typhoid, tuberculosis, and salmonella.

Though bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases, these elusive pests bite and cause red, itchy welts. Occasional invaders such as ladybugs, carpet beetles, and stink bugs rarely present any health risks but can become an annoyance if ignored.

To prevent house pests to enter your home, make sure to seal off their most common entry points and to keep to a house cleaning schedule.


How to get rid of the common pests in your living room?

If you have a pest problem, you should contact the pest control and disinfection service in Singapore. They will look around the house to determine the extent and location of the damage by house pests. They also will be able to determine the reason for the problem and recommend the best course of action to eliminate it.

Contact us today so we can help you get rid of pests that have invaded your home!

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