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April 5, 2022
Get Ready To Clean Up After Pesky Pests!

Pests are a nuisance, and there’s no getting around it. From ants to rodents, these creatures can be downright annoying. What’s worse, they can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. Fortunately, you can do pest control in Singapore to get rid of pesky pests that are wreaking your home.

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We all understand one thing, no one wants pests in their homes. If you have discovered signs of pest infestation in your home, you’re expected to take immediate steps to control it. But then, after any pest invasion and pest treatment comes the duty to clean up after the mess.


How to clean up after exterminating pesky pests?

Clean-up usually involves removing the carcasses of the pests and the remains of excrement they left behind. Aside from being disgusting, the remains and feces could contain dangerous diseases for you and your family. The waste and droppings could also draw in new pests, so it’s vital to get rid of them immediately.

It’s more difficult to clean up pest problems than you’d believe. For instance, rodents might climb walls or hide in the cracks. If they’re dead, it can be difficult to locate them, thereby leaving a reeking smell.

For you to clean your home safely and appropriately after pesky pests, here are some steps to follow.


1. Pest Droppings

One of the most common things that you have to deal with after pest infestation is pest droppings. While many people are just concerned with the matters of cleanliness, some kinds of droppings can have serious consequences for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Before tackling this messy task. Make sure to wear gloves and a mask or respirator. Do not sweep or vacuum up the droppings, as doing so might transmit airborne pathogens.

Instead, spray down the droppings with a disinfectant or diluted bleach. Leave the disinfectant for about five minutes, then use paper towels to clean up the affected surface. Dispose of the used paper towels in the outdoor garbage bin.

If urine or droppings land on your clothes, remove them immediately. Throw them in the washing machine and run on the hottest setting possible. Wash or steam-clean contaminated furniture. If there are specks of pest droppings on the surface of window frames, remove them with a paper towel and household cleaner.


2. Pest Carcasses

After rodent control, rodent remains are often difficult to eradicate by vacuuming. Wear a breathing mask and gloves, and follow CDC’s advice on cleaning up after rodents properly. This way, you can avoid possible health risks with improper handling of carcasses.


3. Damaged Materials or Debris

Pest infestations can leave damaged materials in their wake, as termites or wood-chewing bugs can do. Rodents and rats can leave behind heaps of rodent feces and chewed wood. Additionally, bugs are well known for their nesting materials, and often destroy their surroundings.

For rodent nests, it makes sense to treat them like droppings, as urine and feces are generally prevalent in these somehow. So, use the recommended process by CDC for disposing of rodent waste. Evaluate the materials damaged by pesky pests. By doing so, you will know if it is feasible to repair the damage or just replace the damaged materials.

Bear in mind that sometimes the damage is hidden under what looks like strong construction, especially with termites. If you need help, call in a contractor or an expert in termite control to determine the level of the damage.

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Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that pests can cause a lot of damage to your home and property. Thus, the need to take action to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are many different ways to get rid of pests, so there is sure to be a method that will work for you.

Remember to always use caution when dealing with pesky pests, as they can be dangerous. Finally, don’t forget to clean up after they are gone to stop them from coming back.

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