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Mosquito Control Services for Businesses

NEA-certified mosquito control services in Singapore

They may be tiny, but mosquitoes are one of the most deadly pests in the world. Millions of lives are lost every year through disease-carrying mosquitoes.

In Singapore, 2020 has seen the worst dengue outbreak ever, with more than 31,338 cases in the first 41 weeks alone – an all-time high.

Greencare is proud to be part of Singapore’s battle against dengue-causing mosquitoes. Our pest control specialists in Singapore provide mosquito control services to help eradicate breeding sites across the island.


If you suspect mosquitoes are breeding where you live or work

If you suspect mosquitos are breeding in the residential or commercial compound that you manage, contact us now. We will arrange a quick site inspection to examine if mosquitoes are indeed breeding on site.


How Greencare eliminates mosquitos & their breeding sites

Given the strength and relative versatility of a mosquito, it can take no small amount of work and effort to bring an end to their presence. We start off by going through a full and detailed inspection of your Singaporean property. With experienced pest control staff with over three decades of experience onboard our team, we can find the problem where mosquitos are meeting, breeding, and attacking from.

With the source of the problem discovered, our team can get to work on making sure that the issue is dealt with in good time. Typically, though, we use a universal approach which will:

  • Minimise living quality for mosquitos. Intelligent creatures, mosquitos will often leave when their living conditions are made inhospitable. We look to do this as a matter of priority, forcing an exit.
  • Prevent larvae breeding from occurring. We also look to cull the numbers to avoid replenishment, making sure that the larvae that mosquitos produce can no longer recreate and add numbers.
  • Deliver a clear treatment plan for prevention. We use a one-time (or monthly, if desired) solution that is put down to help kill off the mosquito presence entirely. Safe for humans and animals to be around.
  • Protect the spread of mosquito-spread illness. From the Zika virus to the West Nile Virus, we look to ensure that you are free from the risk of illness and viruses spread by these threatening creatures.

Our service is thorough and detailed in its approach for one simple reason – we want to get rid of the mosquitos for good. Whether the infection is particularly intense and needs regular attention or a one-time solution will do the trick, we will make sure that you are free from the irritation caused by mosquitos shortly.


Mosquito control backed by the latest in scientific research

Having fought back against mosquitos for years, we are fully aware of how stubborn these creatures can be. With that in mind, we look to make sure that your property is thoroughly checked for any potential sign of invasion. By using a team of experts who understand the skills and tools needed to do the job, though, we make sure that our staff turns up ready to do the job and to bring an end to infestation.

Greencare staff always look to find out what might be inviting and introducing the mosquitos to your home, too. Often, simply getting rid of the present mosquitos is not enough. Instead, we need to find the best way to get them out of the property and make sure they know that they are not welcome back. To do this, we need to use extreme measures that ruin their living quality, stops their lifecycle and reduces their desire to stick around. By winning the battle, we make it easy for your property to return to thriving, free from the presence of such threatening creatures.

This is a long-term process that we have used for years. Backed up by years of tangible success and many successful victories, we know how to best defeat these creatures. To do this, we use a variety of mosquito control solutions, such as:


Property Inspection

Our team will get to work on reviewing your property in full. We look to find out any potential signs of breeding, as well as work out what attracted the mosquitos in the first place. Then, we can come up with a clear plan of action to eliminate breeding.

Preventative Care

Once we know where the problem stems from and we know we have done all we can to stop the flow, we use other methods to kill off the mosquitos. We can use control products to help get rid of the mosquitos for good, whilst making sure that features are in place to discourage their return in the future.


Property Modification

Often, we will need to make recommendations for structural changes to make prevention possible. this will often mean getting rid of potential breeding grounds, closing off areas of access, and using a thorough cleaning schedule to win long-term.

Long-Term Maintenance

Through our preventative system, we can continue to return and monitor any signs of potential mosquito activity. This lets us catch the problem long before it becomes another infestation, meaning you will have total control over the presence and the number of mosquitos arriving in the future.


Take control of your mosquito problem in Singapore today

Contact us today for our top-notch mosquito control service. Our Greencare team can arrange a meeting at your property as soon as possible to evaluate what we can do to bring your mosquito problem to an end.


Did You Know

Mosquitoes are one of Southeast Asia’s most dangerous pests? Some species like Aedes Aegypti and Asian Tiger mosquitoes transmit dengue fever, Chikungunya, Zika, West Nile, and other viruses that result in seasonal outbreaks. Our mosquito treatment plan targets these pests so they don’t target you.

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